viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Biography in English

Professional Data
- In 1985 participated in the Biennial of São Paulo (Brazil).
- She won participation in the Collective Exhibition of Villa Adelina Culture House.
- Competed for the prize Arte Laguna Venice and his work was credited by the jury consisting of renowned international artists.
- Exhibited alongside Caloi and Testa in Gallery Lordi - San Telmo - In an auction for the benefit of the ALCESI Foundation.
- Convened by Mr Osvaldo Giesso, he exhibited at the booth 340 of Expotrastienda 2009.
- Integrated the National Jury for the Prize drawing and painting category 11 to 13 years, thematic evaluation: "The Power of Peace", convened by the President of the Lions Club.
- Is Exclusive Artist of the Study Art Nuevos Aires from March 2010 to date, Exhibiting his works of greater size and other Permanent Individual Collection-
- Cooming soon (Sep 2011), Collective Exhibition: for Gallery Nights in ship Madero Mystic, dique 3 of Puerto Madero from 27/9 to 30/9/11 inclusive.
- Other previous exhibitions in Buenos Aires:
- Gallery Viva de Martínez
- Vicente López - House culture of Villa Adelina –
- In Capital Federal:
- Lordi Gallery of San Telmo
- Loft space Alpha
- Expotrastiendas 2009 – International Art
- Space 10 Art Gallery in Palermo Soho
- Darwin Lofts in Palermo - Individual Exhibition where he showed his most recognized works 18 - vocational training - relevant data only 44 days.

- Liliana Aguirre received the following awards and recognitions: In September of 2011 2nd mention of the jury in discipline painting small format for "Búhos y cardos negros tras el cerco" - granted by Artistas Artesanos Contemporáneos - Buenos Aires – In November of 2011, she was awarded the second national prize in painting of the jury made in Galerías Larreta –Buenos Aires - for "Camino a los Llanos", and 3rd. mention in ethnic art for "Lágrimas Negras en Latinoamérica".

Personal Data
- Liliana Noemí Aguirre is an argentinian artist received in the Esc.Nac. of Arts Arijón.
- Her studied ceramics workshop majoring in sculpture with the Uruguayan artist Adriana Funcasta.
- Participated in workshops of artist Kiki Lawrie and drawing during 2008.
- Her works have received excellent reviews from renowned national artists.